Videos of the Voorzij Conference Stop Transing Children

In oktober 2020 foundation Voorzij held a conference with the title Stop Transing Children. With over 100 people from different continents attending. Our main question was: Why do so many children want to change ‘gender’ and denounce the sex of their bodies? There have been 1000’s of % surges worldwide of children who consider themselves trans.

What is the cause? How many of them will detransition? Why is the trans path so attractive to youngsters on the autistic spectrum?

Four important experts have talked about the subject:

  • Journalist Abigail Shrier (USA) author of the book ‘The Transgender Craze seducing our daughters’.
  • Academic Professor Michele Moore, Co-Editor with Heather Brunskell-Evans of two books –  ‘Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body’ and ‘Inventing Transgender Children and Young People’ and
  • Autism-expert Martine Delfos, author of the book: ’The beauty of the difference. When men and women are different and the same’.
  • Our fourth guest detransitioner Emelie, has experienced detransition – she went from woman to ‘man’ to woman again. She will tell her  story and share her concerns. She is co-author of the chapter  ‘Our Voices Our Selves: Amplifying the Voices of Detransitioned Women’ in the book ‘Inventing Transgender Children and Young People’.

One attendee wrote a report about it. You can read her report here.

We post three out of the four speeches, as the detransitioner is not ready to go public in a wider setting.

Abigail Shrier
Journalist Abigail Shrier and author of the book ‘Irreversible Damage, The Transgender Craze seudicing our children’ speaks about the spike in girls and the necessity to be polite in the individual sphere and clear about the meaning of words in the public sphere.

Abigail Shrier

Michele Moore
Academic Professor and author of books about transgender adolescents Michele Moore @michelemooreEd talks about the medicalization of children and teenagers and the dangers of speaking up about the subject at the @Voorzij conference 29/10/2020

Michele Moore

Martine Delfos
Autism expert Martine Delfos speaks about autism and transgenderism.

Martine Delfos