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“Gender ideology is a disaster for women. They are expected to make room for men in their changing rooms and their safe spaces”. 

This article by Graham Linehan shows the harms of #genderideology,  and how gender criticals like him are silenced 

The crystal clear and very educational speech that Maya Forstater 
 gave as part of the opening plenary at Women’s Liberation 2020 at University College London on 1st February 2020. She lost her job for stating biology is real.

‘Inventing Transgender Children’   has devastating consequences for children, who are not only exploited by activists, but also by some teachers, doctors, social workers and psychiatrists – the very people meant to protect them from harm.
The making of trans children

Yet it’s one thing to claim that a man can “identify” as a woman or vice versa. Increasingly we see a dangerous and antiscientific trend toward the outright denial of biological sex.

This notion that there is a sex “spectrum,” where people can choose “to identify as male or female,” regardless of their anatomy, is irrational and has “no basis in reality,” say the biologists. “It is false at every scale of resolution.”

Harriet Wistrich: “In a conflict between the right of self-definition and the right of a victim, who is violated in the most horrendous way, to describe her material reality as she perceives it, Why is the victim’s right less important?” 

Trans is a powerful myth, which explains how it demands some curious mental gymnastics and strange doctrines. First was the notion that by having cosmetic surgery you can change your sex. But you can’t change your chromosomes or biology

Teenagers find themselves with a body that has been unrecognizably and irreversibly mutilated by surgeons, perfectly healthy reproductive organs and body parts cut off and replaced with unconvincing imitations of those of the opposite sex.
The Transgender Movement Is a Living Nightmare

I may have transitioned socially, medically and surgically, but I am as male now as I was the day I was born (and the days I fathered each of my three children).

Dr Jessica Taylor 
discusses 7 key issues of sex and gender ideology. https://victimfocusblog.com/2020/02/23/lets-talk-about-sex-and-gender-ideology/

Male and female are not one and the same. Ashley McGuire, author of “Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female,” explains the differences between men and women in this enlightening video.
Gender Identity, why all the confusion?

Adressing @UNWomen_NL  @UNWomenWatch

Powerful speech by Natasha Chart, board chair Women’s Liberation Front. Democrats are responsible for policies that deny women the right to privacy from men identifying as women.

 “A man can never be a woman. A lesbian can never be male.” 

From a transsexual perspective, biological reality is all too apparent. Denying the existence of male and female bodies helps nobody.

Excellent article by Julia Long. #JuliaLong.
There is no such thing as meaningful transition. Humans can’t change sex.
A Meaningful Transition? – Julia Long –

The corrosive impact of Transgender Ideology 
#research Medication for trans identified kids not properly tested 

Labours betrayal of women, children and homosexuals.

Duh, attraction is about sex
” Transgender people need to accept that adhering to biological norms is healthy, not discriminatory. In fact, socially pressuring people to date them is far more prejudiced — against reality.”

The essays by @PankhurstEM  on various subjects Quote Tweet